Lawyer From Another County

Posted by Thomas MallonApr 30, 20150 Comments

Sally from Carroll County asks:

I live in Carroll; work in Howard County. Looking to separate after 10 yrs of marriage with one child. Husband has drinking issues and want better life for me/child; may need supervised visitation. Lastly, would I be entitled to get child support and/or alimony if I make more income than he does? Again, this is all new to me. Thanks in advance.


The short answers are yes and yes. Attorney's are licensed to practice in a particular state. So any Maryland Attorney can practice (or represent you) in any county or jurisdiction. As for child support, both parent have an obligation to support your child. If the child lives with you, then he is obligated to pay child support. That is true no matter if he earns more than you or not. The only time it becomes and issue is if you share physical custody equally. Then who ever earns more would have to pay something is child support, but if you are looking for supervised visitation, than I expect you will be the one with Primary Physical Custody and therefore he will be obligated to pay child support.

The Board of Law Examiners is entrusted with the responsibility to examine and recommend attorneys who meet the character and academic requirements to practice law in the State of Maryland to the Court of Appeals. They make these recommendations for the attorney to practice law in all of Maryland not just a single county or limited number of counties. In order to meet the academic requirements, all attorneys must successfully pass the Maryland Bar Examination. Non-attorneys who have received their Juris Doctor degrees sit for the General Bar Exam while attorneys licensed in other states, who meet certain eligibility requirements, sit for the Out-of-State Attorneys' exam. For more information see