Father’s Visitation Rights in Maryland

Posted by Thomas MallonMay 14, 20150 Comments

John from Frederick, MD, asks:

My brother has not seen his son in the last 7 months.  The child is with the mother and the mother never replies or answers any calls from my brother, who is the child's father.  My brother is paying child support and yet he hasn't seen his son.  Now the mother is getting married out of the country and recently she text'ed my brother and asking him to sign for his sons passport. and my brother told her he will only sign it if she will sign an agreement about seeing him every other weekend.  She never replied.

My question is what should my brother do?


Your brother has rights as the child's father.  Your brother's rights as a father are separate from his responsibilities as a father as well.  I am glad to hear your brother is paying child support as he should, but even if he where not, he is entitled to have visitation with his son and the child has the right right to know and have a relationship with his father.  Your brother should file for visitation right away.  Unless your brother has done something to harm the child or is a threat to the child in some way, your brother will get visitation with his son.