Filing of the Financial Statement Baltimore County

Posted by Thomas MallonMay 22, 20150 Comments

Jim from Towson, Maryland asks:

How long before the trial date is the latest that I can file my long form financial statement?


This question specifically relates to the financial statement required by MD Rule 9-203 as it relates to a Party's Custody Matter.  Maryland Rule 9-203(a).  In any matter where child support is initially requested or a request to modify child support has been sought by either party and the combined incomes of the parties exceed $15,000 per month, both parties are required to file a Long Form Financial Statement in the form as set out in Maryland Rule 9-203(a).

So the appropriate time to file the Long Form, if required is at the time of the filing for custody or modification, or when the Defendant files his or her Answer.  However, I have been involved in cases when a Magistrate or Judge allows the financial statement to be provided the day of the hearing.  It may seem unfair to allow a required document so late in the process, but when introduced into evidence, the Party providing the information is subject to cross examination and during testimony and cross examination, that form or the amount contained therein are usually not accepted without some amount of changes.