visitation agreement notarized and then filed with court

Posted by Thomas MallonJul 09, 20150 Comments

Can my ex and I have a visitation agreement notarized and then file it within the court system to make it legal?

My ex and I were divorced and in our visitation portion, it states that we would just handle it ourselves. However, through the years that has not been the case, and now I would like to have the visitation modified without going to court. Is it …

Thomas's Answer

You can do that, but both sides have to agree in advance and some of what you are asking for needs specific language and I strongly advise seeking an attorney to draft it for you before have each of you sign it and submit to the court. The easiest way to do it is to file an Amended Visitation Order. If the two of you do not agree 100% on exactly everything, but are in agreement in general, most counties in Maryland have a Family Services department that will mediate at little or no cost to you and they will usually draft the required order needed as well. It will they be up to the parties to have that Order signed, notarized and submitted to the court, but it better than trying to draft an order yourself and try and figure out all the nuances needed by yourselves either.