How do I prove I am the father?

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How do I prove I am the father?

This can also be referring as the case of paternity. Paternity is the state of being someone's father. With progression in knowledge, it is just simple and more precise than before to establish paternity. Paternity is usually attached to fathers' child custody. This makes sense because it create father to the child right. However, establishing paternity is vital for both father and mother when protecting their child custody human rights. It is also very vital for the child.

Under Maryland law, when a wedded couple has a child, both parties are naturally seen just like the lawful parents. That gives every one of them the rights and obligations of parenthood. Be that as it may, Maryland doesn't have the same standard for unmarried couples. At the point when unmarried couples have a child, just the mother is naturally perceived as a legitimate guardian. This implies that the father and the child will loss a major opportunity for imperative advantages and commitments of the guardian child relationship unless some further things are made.

Maryland's General state governing body has particularly expressed that this State has an obligation to enhance the denied social and monetary status of children conceived out of wedlock and must act to advance the general interests and best advantage of kids giving birth to out of wedlock by acquiring for them, as almost the same rights to supports, kindness, and learning as children conceived in wedlock.

Establishing paternity refers to the lawful procedure for ensuring that the child's natural father turns into the legitimate father, as well. Unmarried couples in Maryland need to take additional legitimate measures, well beyond what wedded couples do, to ensure that their child paternity is set up. Thus, Maryland's officials have acted to improve the methods for deciding paternity, custody, responsibilities and guardianship regarding the support of children giving birth to out of marriage. The question of how do I prove I am the father? Checking out on establishing paternity can give you some ideas.

Establishing Paternity

Paternity can be established through a court order or through an affidavit of parentage form or marriage in Maryland law. If the concern of paternity is contested and cannot be resolute through genetic testing alone, a legal proceeding might be planned to settle on the issue of paternity. A representative may be a lawyer from your local child support agency can give details of the procedure of establishing paternity.

Affidavit of parentage.

Signing the affidavit of parentage is easy and absolutely a voluntary procedure. By difference, going to court is an involuntary procedure because everyone is bound by the judge's pronouncement and there's no element of option.

If you are not certain about paternity, don't sign the affidavit because once it's signed, it's a lawfully binding document that is hard to undo. Instead, go through the genetic method (DNA). You can discuss it with a lawyer before you sign.


Another way to establish paternity is by going to court. A paternity deed can be brought to court by any of the parents or by a government lawyer for the local office of the child Support and from there Enforcement Agency (CSEA) will get involve. CSEA job is to ensure that biological parents are providing support to their children financially.