How To I Transfer Title Of My Car In Both Names To Just My Soon To Be Ex-Spouse

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How To I Transfer Title Of My Car In Both Names To Just My Soon To Be Ex-Spouse

When you are going to divorce, car possession is a sometimes an ignored issue, but it can result in a lot of pain. In fact, when a couple divorce most times, they must separate their personal lives and their resources. All through marriage, spouses often borrow money in both names to buy cars that they title mutually. Except you want your soon-to-be-ex-spouse riding a car with your name on it, ensure to the title changed over as part of the divorce process.

Transferring title

Signing over the car can be as easy as appearing in front of a legal representative public and transferring by signing on the correct place on the car title. The title is then turned in, all along with the license plates, at the local Division of Motor Vehicles office (DMV). A new registration in your spouse's name is created and she either collects a new plate or is permitted to transfer the existing plate into her name.

However, when changing a name on a car that is already registered, the owner will have to go to a local Division of Motor Vehicles office Branch Office and do the following:

To change a name:

• The original official document of title showing the change of name on the reverse side, signed by the owner, have to be given to the DMV.

• Application for registration and certificate of title, (form H-13) must be fill completely and signed. If vehicle is being registered in two names, correct ownership combination must be indicated as it will show on the new registration and title. Both parties must have their signature on the application and also add dates of birth.

• Owner's current Connecticut Insurance Identification Card, which can be gotten from his/her Insurance Corporation. The insurance card has to be in the new name of registered owner of car.

• If the reason for the name change is due to marriage divorce or civil union, the owner must show certified documentation displaying the name change i.e. marriage license, divorce decree or civil union official document. Only the registration document must be presented, as the ownership on the title is not changing. If you do not turn in your current registration a duplicate registration payment will be charged.

On the off chance that cash is still owed on the car, signing the title in the document might require showing up at the local office of the lender or finishing other loan paperwork needed to transfer title.