Outline of the Adoption Process

Posted by Thomas MallonMar 11, 20160 Comments

Outline of the Adoption Process

Adopting a child is actually simple. It is however unfortunate that some couples find it a bit difficult to understand the process.


The process of adopting a child can be overwhelming especially for those that are not familiar with the process. The first thing is to do your homework by utilizing the different resources you can get information from. Social services, non-profit organizations, and adoption agencies are some of the sources of information that can be used.

Find out about the law

It is important to find out about the law guiding the adoption of kids in your state as the laws differ from state to state. This is to avoid the setbacks and frustration that comes with not going about the adoption process. Consulting with a family lawyer will be very helpful in this regard.

Explore the different Options available

Thanks to the different forms of adoption available, a couple is able to choose the option that best suits their circumstance and preference. You could either adopt internationally or domestically. The ages of the child to adopt and even the channel of adoption are also available in different types.

Select an Adoption Agency

The selection of an agency will be largely dependent on the type of adoption chosen by the parent. It is however important that the agency specializes in the type of adoption you are going for. Government organizations, an adoption attorney and private adoption agency should be considered in this regard.

Home Study

A home study is the assessment of your home by a social worker to ensure the environment is suitable to raise a child. The home study is a requirement regardless of the type of adoption chosen. The home study could go on for months with several visits to the home.

Placement Process

The length of an adoption process is and the waiting period is dependent on the adoption type chosen especially as it concerns domestic or international adoption. Most agencies however allow the parent to visit the child pending the time the adoption process is completed.


This is the legal backing given to the adoption and an adoption is not set to be finalized until it is made legal by the court. It is usually required that the child lives with the couple for about six months during which a social worker intermittently visits, with your agency or attorney submitting a written recommendation.

It should be noted that international adoptions can be a bit more complex compared to the domestic adoption as there are a number of legal regulations in the process.