What You Should Know Before You Starting the Surrogacy Journey

Posted by Thomas MallonApr 25, 20160 Comments

Infertility is not an uncommon issue with couples and when findings show that the woman cannot carry a child, surrogacy is usually the next best option. It is however important that couples get enough information about surrogacy before if it is good for them or not. The types of arrangements available, the different procedures and what the law has to say about surrogacy should be known before starting the journey.

To make the journey a relatively painless one, issues like the cost, protection of rights, and the significance of having a good support system should be understood.

Surrogacy can be said to be an arrangement between two parties, where a woman is to carry and deliver a child for another person, in this case, the intended parent. The carrier of the child is referred to as the surrogate mother.

Types of Surrogacy

There are generally two types of surrogacy and they are traditional and gestational. The traditional surrogacy is the type of surrogacy that involves the surrogate mother donating her egg and carrying the baby for the intended parents.

The other type of surrogacy which is gestational surrogacy involves the surrogate mother carrying the embryo after it has be created through IVF and subsequently transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother. This removes the genetic relation that exists in between the surrogate mother and the child in the case of traditional surrogacy.

Rights Protection

It is important that parties involved in the surrogacy arrangement consult their attorney as regards the legal issues in surrogacy. This is due yo the complex nature of the legal aspects relating to surrogacy. it is important that your attorney is skilled in this aspect of the law, and you declare all the necessary details to your attorney to ensure he is in the loop of things.

It is also important that a written agreement exists between all the parties involved as this helps to put you in a good position.

Cost of Surrogacy

There is really no fixed cost of and the total cost is dependent on the circumstances surrounding the agreement, with the minimum cost being around sixty thousand dollars.

Support and Guidance

The kind of support and guidance you get during surrogacy goes a long way to determine your experience during the journey. It is therefore important to get a good support and guidance to make the journey a smooth and enjoyable one.