Paternity Test: Is This Child Mine?

Posted by Thomas MallonMay 02, 20160 Comments

Paternity Test: Is This Child Mine?

When 13-year-old Sean walked into the living room his unusually shaped feet told it all.

Because Philip has unusually shaped feet, his newfound son shared the same foot pattern. For years, the two never knew each other. A paternity test made it clear that Sean was Philip's son.

It was an exciting time in Philip's life to learn that he had a son. Married with two adopted children, Philip didn't know about Sean until a friend informed his mother.

The elated grandmother shared the information. But, to Philip's dismay his wife, Tina, was not happy. She felt like an old girlfriend wanted to infringe on their family. The paternity test was the final conclusion that another child was added to Philips life. His own flesh and blood.

Our law firm can help you determine paternity rights of a child even when the child's mother does not want to know. Fathers have rights as well. When and if paternity is established between a man and his children, the father must begin to pay child support.

In other cases, father and son may determine they are not biologically related. In one case, a man's mother wrote a letter that determined paternity from an old relationship. The letter was not solid proof of a father and son's genetic bond. Only a paternity test would determine the results.

In some cases, even when paternity is not proven, the relationship between the parent and child is a strength that lasts for a lifetime. To learn more about linking relationships through paternity testing read the ABC News article Paternity Test Reveals Long-Lost Michigan Father and Son Not Related.

In the case of twins, a paternity test may determine the twins have different fathers. The validity of a father assists with planning the bipaternal twins' futures including child support, what families are involved, health histories, and who will rear the child.

Our law firm will work diligently to determine whether a father is the parent of a child. The results will lead our clients to make the right decisions with legal counseling provided by our exemplary staff.

Test results may resolve a serious of questions that lead to truthful, sometimes painful answers. In many cases, the mother is attempting to pass both children off on one man to overtly avoid the disclosure of another relationship. To learn more about paternity and twins read the CNN article New Jersey judge rules twin girls have different fathers.

Paternity testing is a DNA tool that has revolutionized the family law cases with reasonable child support agreements. It also gives the mother and/or father the opportunity to resolve tense disputes over valid paternal cases whether one child or multiple children. Paternity testing is a phenomenal opportunity to share positive results, whether favorable or unfavorable.