When Child Support Is Not Used For Children

Posted by Thomas MallonMay 03, 20160 Comments

When Child Support Is Not Used For Children

Derrick hugged his son and daughter during a visit at their school. The divorced father of two enjoyed the weekly outings with his children.

When they saw him Derrick Jr. quickly asked for money for a new pair of Nikes he spotted at the mall. His father said, “Son, you'll have to ask you mother.” After all she is paid $2,000 monthly for their care.

Instead of spending child support on their children, Samantha has used the money to buy a new luxury car for her boyfriend and herself. The children's clothing appeared worn. A basic haircut for Derrick Jr. and a hairdo for Kimberly, seemed appropriate expenses that fit within the budget.

The brother and sister desired clothing, toys, jewelry and other items their friends obtained within their family settings. They wanted to attend concerts, participate in church youth events, and spend time at Walt Disney World. The money Derrick Sr. provides is not adequately used for the children.

The scenario is common among fathers who faithfully support their sons and daughters. But, the funding is not used for food, clothing and sometimes shelter. Many fathers work hard as providers only to have the court-appointed support they pay squandered by a careless mother. Our law firm will work to ensure child support is properly disbursed and used for the children's needs. Through legal counsel we will represent the best interests of the client and his children.

Reasons why child support is not closely monitored centers around lack of trust between the mother and father. When a parents clearly sees what their child support is paying for it resolves questions and provides clear answers. Just as well documented child support payments proved a parent's financial support, the same should be required for spending receipts.

Showing receipts of every dime spent on child support would ensure the children's needs are met in a responsible manner. To learn more about child support documentation read the Forbes magazine article Child Support Doesn't Have HYPERLINK “http://www.forbes.com/sites/geristengel/2015/06/17/child-support-doesnt-have-to-create-family-stress/”ToHYPERLINK “http://www.forbes.com/sites/geristengel/2015/06/17/child-support-doesnt-have-to-create-family-stress/” Create Family Stress.

Billions of dollars are spent on child support each year. Sometimes exorbitant amounts in the area of $10,000 a month depending on the parent's lifestyle that should mirror the child's. A SupportPay system was launched a few years ago to ensure payments are itemized in a manner that documents spending. The software assists with the management of household cash flow, which is a benefit for the children who receive the support.