Divorce: Dividing Assets One Slice at A Time

Posted by Thomas MallonMay 11, 20160 Comments

Divorce: Dividing Assets One Slice at A Time

If divorce is like an apple pie, the larger the dessert, the bigger the slices.

When couples part ways a 50/50 split of all assets are often desired. It's a negotiation process that lends itself to give and take, bartering, or even a brawl.

Regardless, dividing money and tangible assets isn't simply a line drawn in the sand. In fact, what one spouse receives may greatly outweigh the other. Our law firm will help you endure divorce proceedings with the best possible outcome in your favor.

Mediation hearings are among the first steps in rightly dividing the truth of what belongs to whom. Preparation for the long haul includes understanding mediation sessions can be stressful. Don't allow a divorce to wear you down physically and emotionally. Eat solid foods and get plenty of rest. Obtain emotional support from family and friends who have your best interest at heart. To learn more about divorce preparation read the CBS.com article Divorce financial planning: 8 tips to get what you need in a divorce.

Most would think a woman wins the divorce battle by taking custodial custody of children, securing alimony and in most cases winning top dollar child support.

Many times, women may come out on the losing end due to lacking negotiations skills. After the children's needs are met, the next step would be focused oneself. Dividing marital property and be amicable or winner take all. Common mistakes that women make involve underestimating their needs, no spousal life insurance, and poor planning for future investments. To learn more about these mistakes read the Time Inc. article The 7 Biggest Money Mistakes That Divorcing Women Make.

On the flip side, men can be taken through the meat grinder and join the recently divorced men's club. For men, divorce hurts just as much when an empty house turns extremely lonely from the chatter of children, hot meals and a clean house.

When divorced a few tips men embrace is don't speak negatively about the children's mother and don't enter a new relationship until you've emotionally departed from the old one. Don't remain alone. When you need to talk call a friend. Don't suppress your emotions. To learn more about what men undergo in divorce read the Huffington Post article 12 Things All Men Should Understand About Divorce.

Regardless of what corner of the boxing ring, divorce should be a gentlemen's agreement and a lady-like discussion that produce results that are fair and equitable for everyone. Especially the children who are torn between parents, potentially for a lifetime. When a divorce is final so are the terms and agreements that are hammered out in the process.