Family Law in Baltimore County

Any type of legal problem can be stressful, however, legal matters related to your family can be particularly distressing. In many family law cases, important relationships are at stake, including with your spouse, children, or even your parents. To ensure that all matters are resolved as favorably as possible, you should always discuss your situation with a skilled family law lawyer who understands all relevant laws in Maryland.

Attorney Thomas K. Mallon has more than 19 years of experience assisting individuals and families in and around Baltimore County, MD with a wide variety of family law matters. If you need assistance, please call for a consultation today.

Divorce in Baltimore County

Getting divorced is never easy and is often an emotional process. However, divorce in Maryland also has many specific legal requirements and, to protect your interests, it is highly important to have a skilled divorce attorney handling your case. Some of the issues that divorcing couples must face in Maryland include:

  • Proving grounds for divorce if necessary
  • Meeting the residency requirement
  • Waiting the required period of time
  • Equitable division of property and debts
  • Child custody, visitation, and support
  • Alimony

Child Custody and Support in Baltimore County

If you have children and are getting divorced or are not married to the other parent, it is critical that you have the highest quality of representation for your child custody and support case. The court's decision in these cases can have a huge effect on your overall relationship with your children, your finances, how often you see your children, whether you can make important decisions for your children, and more. In addition, if you currently have a child custody or support order that you believe is no longer appropriate, an experienced attorney can help you get that order modified to better suit the needs of your child.

Alimony in Baltimore County

Alimony can significantly affect the finances of both spouses following a divorce. When deciding whether or not to award alimony to one spouse in a divorce, courts will examine many factors including the financial needs and abilities of each spouse, how long the marriage lasted, whether one spouse requires school or training before returning to work, their age and physical and mental health, and more. As you can imagine, these decisions can be complicated, so you must have a lawyer on your side who fully understands alimony cases and laws in Maryland.

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