“The Law Office of Thomas K Mallon provided great legal counsel and legal assistance during my divorce that help me understand each step during this difficult time.”

-Divorce Law Client

Deborah C.

“Mr. Mallon guided me through my divorce. He of course handled my divorce
case just as it needed to be handled legally, but the guidance was
invaluable. I’m so grateful. During a time when I needed a kind,
thoughtful, empathetic, extremely knowledgable voice of reason the most,
Mr. Mallon provided one.”

-Divorce Law Client


“Thomas Mallon is a great man. He stepped in when we truly needed him, and delivered results painlessly. He took a unjust, and miserable situation, and handled it flawlessly and fairly. I can’t recommend him high enough.”

-Family Law client


“Tom is a hard working lawyer and will get you the results you need. He is very personable and attentive lawyer.”

-Family Law client


“I sought the service of Tomas Mallon because of a complicated divorce. His professionalism and hard work got positive results. He is readily available when not in court and responds back in a timely manner when otherwise. I highly recommend his proficient and experienced services.”

-Divorce client


“Tom is down to earth, friendly, easy to talk to, witty, funny and gives advice far beyond what he is technically required to do. He genuinely wants to help his clients have the best outcome possible, which includes legal, business, and other advice. He has many years of experience and an advanced law degree. His hard work and experience over the years is reflected in how smooth he seems to be able to help me. I highly recommend Tom. You will not be disappointed.”

-Business Services client


“Thomas is a straight shooter and his work is of the highest integrity. He made a very difficult situation work out smoothly and in a timely fashion. He is very trustworthy and when I have needed advice on legal matters over the years, he would always help out. I highly recommend him.”

-Legal Services client


“I am pleased with the hard work that Thomas has provided. The results speak for themselves and I couldn’t be happier with the services provided to myself and my family. I would highly recommend Thomas to everyone for their legal needs.”

-Family Law client


“Thomas not only did everything he agreed to do for a minimal cost, he also drove to my office in Hunt Valley to deliver documents in person instead of mailing them. Excellent service!”

-Family Law client


“Mr. Mallon has always been up front and honest concerning any matter that I have used him, and always returns your calls quickly. He also keeps his clients informed on any case status.”

-Legal Services client


“… I ended up in Tom’s office and I explained the complex divorce case. While he carefully listened and asked questions. “What outcome do you want?” “Why do you want this?” “Why is this in the best interest of your child” and other probing questions were used to get the best out of me. Out of the lawyers I spoke to, Tom was the guy that truly wanted the best for what the situation provided. After 6 months, Tom brought the case to a settlement in like 6 weeks. I got a fair deal, and my daughter is better because of it.

If you want someone who will tell you the truth (even if it hurts), be available to talk to you during emergencies, and be able to cut through the BS to get a good deal, call Tom.”

-Divorce client


“I found Mr. Mallon to be extremely helpful with my case. I would recommend him to friends and family.”

-Family Law client


“Tom Mallon obtained a divorce for me. The divorce was very difficult and involved custody, child support, real estate and personal property. Mr. Mallon was very diligent getting all the details of my former spouse’s property. Mr. Mallon discovered that my husband owned numerous antique cars, motorcycles, and boats which I was unaware of. He was very professional and kind. He always explained all the ramifications of the case to me. Most importantly he always returned my phone calls; even after hours and on weekends. Of all the other attorneys I’ve had, Mr. Mallon was by far, the best!”

-Divorce client


“Mr Mallon handled my expungement case. Years ago when I was barely an adult I pled guilty to a minor infraction involving alcohol on Federal lands. My friends and I were drinking and drunk in a National Park where alcohol use was prohibited. I did not realize that my plea meant I was agreeing that I had been drinking and driving on a public roadway. Several years later a background check revealed this to a potential employer. After contacting Mr Mallon he was able to handle an expungement of my guilty plea and my PBJ conviction in Federal Dist Ct. It was pain free with only a minor amount of personal involvement. Now my record is clear of this incident.”

-DUI client


“I have referred to Tom multiple clients, inlcuidng family members, over the years. He is results oriented and very prfessional. He never underestimates his adversaries and will truly fight for his clients. Simply stated, he is an excellent lawyer.”

-Commercial Real Estate client


“Excellent attorney. Kept me informed and a pleasure to work with.”

-Family Law client


“I’ve used Tom for various cases. One thing is for sure, he always comes through.”

-Criminal Defense client


“Excellent attorney, always kept me informed and updated on my case.”

-Divorce client