Law Office of Thomas K. Mallon
Law Office of Thomas K. Mallon
Maryland Family Law Attorney

The Law Office of Thomas K. Mallon is dedicated to providing families in Maryland with sound legal advice and representation. We cover a wide range of family law issues including:


If you have a family law matter, please view our Overview page to learn more about our intake process, what to expect during your case, and a list of documents to bring with you.

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About Us

The Law Office of Thomas K. Mallon has handled hundreds of cases in matters ranging from family law to business law to automobile accidents. As a family law expert witness, Thomas has special insight into the needs of family law clients. His background as a tax accountant also provides business clients with a wide range of expertise and assistance.

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Maryland Business/Tax Law Attorney

If you own a business in Maryland, there are serious legal and financial matters to take into consideration. As an experienced attorney and accountant, Thomas K. Mallon can assist you in every area of your business including formation, litigation, tax matters, tax deficiencies, the buying and selling of a business, and contract negotiation and disputes.

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Other Practice Areas

In addition to family and business law, The Law Office of Thomas K. Mallon also handles other civil and criminal matters:

  • Automobile accidents
  • Personal Injury
  • Tax law


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