Personal injury refers to the area of law that seeks to protect victims who are harmed by the action or inaction of another person or entity. Personal injury is also sometimes referred to as tort law. A personal injury claim can be filed for injury incurred by an individual either physically or mentally, and it can sometimes include damage to property.

While no one expects to become seriously injured, accidents can happen quickly and out of the blue. If you or a loved one were injured in an accident caused by the carelessness or negligence of another person, you may be eligible for financial compensation. This compensation is designed to cover damages that resulted from the accident, including medical expenses, vehicle damage in cases of automobile accidents, lost wages, and emotional trauma. However, obtaining adequate financial restitution is often more complicated than it appears to be, and requires the assistance of an experienced Towson, Maryland personal injury attorney.

At the Law Office of Thomas K. Mallon, we understand that being involved in an accident and being injured is a frightening situation. Life changes quickly for injured parties and their families, and in cases of severe injuries, life may never be the same again. Our goal is to provide comprehensive legal representation to the injured, and we will passionately advocate for your full and fair compensation.

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are common in Maryland, but many can be devastating and even cost lives. If you or family member were involved in an auto accident of any kind, it's important that you reach out as soon as possible for aggressive legal help.

Liability and Damages

Determining liability in a personal injury case and calculating the amount of damages is critical to a successful case. There are two elements in every personal injury case: liability and damages. The first element involves demonstrating that the person or entity being charged did in fact bear legal responsibility for the injury. Damages, refers to the extent or amount of injury or loss that was allegedly suffered on account of the defendant's actions or negligence. By working with a skilled Maryland personal injury lawyer, you can ensure that you are exploring every possible avenue of compensation.


Bringing a claim forward for injury compensation is complex, and the Maryland court system is often difficult to navigate. At the Law Office of Thomas K. Mallon, we can guide you step by step through the claims process in order to help you obtain the restitution that you need.

Liability and damages can be established on several bases:

  • Negligence – When a case is filed as tort of negligence, the defendant is accused of causing the injury by failing to prevent it. An example would be an accusation that a business allowed a slip and fall injury to occur, by not properly following safety regulations. A reckless or inattentive driver who is at fault in an injury car accident may also be guilty of negligence.
  • Strict Liability – Under strict liability, a personal injury attorney may also bring charges against a company whose defective product is responsible for an injury. Strict liability applies whether negligence or malice was involved or not, as long as the product was being used as was intended.
  • Intentional Wrong – Intentional wrongs can sometimes be brought as civil, personal injury claims apart from any criminal charges the defendant may be facing.

If you or a loved one were injured, get the justice you deserve by contacting Thomas K. Mallon today. We are available now to help you.