IRS Dispute Resolution

Our attorney was an accountant for 8 years prior to becoming a lawyer and has successfully resolved not only underlying disputes but also gotten the necessary refund back for clients at the same time on occasion.  Providing legal counsel and representation to individuals with legal issues related to IRS disputes with the IRS is time consuming, frustrating and fearful.  Help is a phone call away.

Estate Planning

Whether planning to pass assets to your heirs after death including taxes and transfer of property to beneficiaries needs to be tailored to your unique family.  Review and preparation of the proper documents is essential for success.   We take an overall approach when reviewing and planning for that success.  

Towson Family Lawyer

Providing legal counsel and representation to individuals with legal issues related to family law When disputes or issues arise between family members, it can be emotionally difficult and confusing for everyone involved. In many cases, these types of problems relate to family members' legal rights and responsibilities towards one another and can be resolved through [..]

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Divorce Lawyer in Towson MD

Representing the legal rights of individuals in Maryland seeking to end their marriage Getting a divorce is often an extremely difficult decision and involves the end of a person's primary relationship. In many instances, emotions are running extremely high and the parties to the marriage are unable to communicate in a constructive manner. Unfortunately, when [..]

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Settlement Agreement

If you and your spouse can come to an agreement on the various aspects of your divorce, you may be able to have a separation agreement honored by the Maryland court system. By working with a seasoned attorney on your separation agreement, you can increase the chances that it will be accepted as legally valid [..]

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Towson Alimony

Helping individuals going through divorce bring their alimony dispute to a successful resolution Divorce has the potential to have a significant impact on a person's financial situation. This is particularly true for people who have enjoyed the support of their spouse for a significant period of time or who have forgone pursuing their own education [..]

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Court's Timeline

Court's Timeline for a Divorce: Complaint Answer No Answer filed Scheduling /Settlement Conference PL Hearing Settlement Conference Trial Complaint The action starts with the filing of a Complaint. Once the Complaint is filed, the court will issue a Writ of Summons, which usually takes about 2-3 days. The Complaint and Writ of Summons must be [..]

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Child Custody Maryland

Protecting the legal rights of parents who are going through child custody disputes For many people who are going through a divorce, a primary concern is whether they will be able to maintain a meaningful relationship with their child. After all, children are often directly impacted by a divorce and, in many cases, the separation [..]

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Types of Custody

Legal v. Physical Custody Legal Custody Legal Custody deals with the big picture issues for the child. The big picture issues include but are not limited to what religion the child is to be raised, where the child will go to school, what doctors the child will see or what medicine the child take, are [..]

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Child Support

Along with issues of child custody, is also the concern of Maryland child support. We know that ensuring that your child's needs are met is important to you. The Law Office of Thomas K. Mallon can represent you on child support issues, as a part of a divorce or separation case or as a separate [..]

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Personal Injury

Personal injury refers to the area of law that seeks to protect victims who are harmed by the action or inaction of another person or entity. Personal injury is also sometimes referred to as tort law. A personal injury claim can be filed for injury incurred by an individual either physically or mentally, and it [..]

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