What are grandparent’s rights?

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What are grandparent's rights?

This simply connotes the kind of rights that grandparents own to get in touch and visit their grandchildren. These rights can normally be carried out when a divorce or any other family issues. In several cases, the parents who have the right of child custody during or after a divorce don't permit the parents of their ex- spouses to meet their kids. The truth is that, in some cases the children have deep love for their grandparents which can be very hard for them and this can affect them emotionally and psychologically by the separation.

Grandparent's rights help both the grandparents and blameless children that are involved to find comfort in a home if it is what they have been missing. A maltreated child is a very fragile condition and putting an end to that kind of abuse is the main concern. In the event that a child has no place to go and no secure relations, this can leave a neglected/maltreated child in the hand of the state and this might require foster homes. If grandparents can take their stand and take care of this child, it can help to reduce or stop the rate at which children is been taken to foster homes or adopted.

Nevertheless, grandparent visitation rights are written in the Maryland Annotated Code, Family Law. The law was modified in the year 1993.


The laws in Maryland do not give any partiality to grandparents over other third parties in quest of child custody; in custody issue it concerns only parents and third parties. Though, the court will consider the intimacy of the relationship of the child and the other party entreating for custody when considering situations validates removing a child from his/her parents.

Some additional aspects the court of law will think about consist of:

  • The duration the child has been absent from the natural parent
  • The child's age when the other party presume care responsibility
  • The potential emotional outcome on the child of a change of guardianship (custody)
  • The duration which elapsed before the parent required to regain the child
  • The stability and confidence as to the child's future in the custody of the parent
  • The passion and authenticity of the parent's aspiration to have the child


Maryland's statutes only for a short time mention grandparents' rights to visitation with grandchildren. The law gives courts authority to grant sensible visitation if it is in the best interests of the child. The statute does not describe how to assess the best interests of the child, however the law court has affirmed that it believe that on top form parents act in their child best interest. A grandparent beseeching for visitation therefore either wants to show that the parent is unfit or that there are special situation, whereby the child would suffer a loss if the grandparent were not approved visitation.

Custody and visitation related matters pivot on the individual conditions of each family. If you are looking for custody or visitation with a grandchild, you can get in touch with a good lawyer.