Top 10 signs your spouse is cheating

Posted by Thomas MallonMar 04, 20160 Comments

Top 10 signs your spouse is cheating

One of the major reasons why marriages fail is infidelity. For persons that are confused about the fidelity of their partners, the signs discussed above will help in drawing a conclusion as to the faithfulness of your partner.

Frequent and Unnecessary change of passwords

This sign particularly relates to changes that can be said to be too frequent. The chances that your partner is cheating are high if he or she changes the passwords to his phone, email, and computer too often.

Change in Cell phone habits

A healthy marriage or relationship should be as open as possible. Once you notice changes in the way your partner answers his calls especially when he has to move to a private environment to pick the calls, you might want to be more attentive.

Suspiscious Social Media Profile

An unfaithful spouse would usually have a profile on his social media pages that portrays him as being “single”. A significant increase in the duration your partner spends on social media can also be said to be a red flag.

Cleared History

Ordinarily, only someone that has something to hide will clear his history almost everytime. While this could be for security concerns, you might however want to be more attentive to ensure things are in order.

Increase in Extra Costs

Expenses or case that cannot be traced is a sign of infidelity and once you notice that your expenses increase without a proper account of where the increase in comig from, there is a possibility that your spouse is cheating on you.

Change in Desire for Intimacy

A decreased desire for intimacy or sex in some cases might be a sign of infidelity. This however is not a guarantee as there is the possibility of an increased level of intimaacy by a cheating partner, to either cover his tracks or as a result of guilt feelings.

Other signs your spouse is cheating include

  • Paying too much attention to his physical appearance.
  • Increase in the number or frequency of attending social events.
  • Blaming you for everything whether it is your fault or not.
  • Increase in attention and gifts your spouse gives you.

It should be noted that while finding one or two of these signs in your spouse might not be a guarantee that he is she is cheating, finding as many five is an indication that something unusual is happening and you might want to talk with your partner to see how to work things out.