The Recent Epidemic of Fatherless children and the mistakes to avoid

Posted by Thomas MallonApr 24, 20160 Comments

The Recent Epidemic of Fatherless children and the mistakes to avoid

One of the major causes for the seeming increase in the number of fatherless children is broken marriages. While it could be difficult to stop a marriage from collapsing, the children


should not be a victim of a broken home. It is always advised that couples on the brink of being divorced visit a family lawyer to help iron out some issues that might be confusing.

The love of a father cannot be compared to that of the mother and vice versa. It is therefore important that a child is not denied the father's love as a result of a divorce. Some of the things that could be done to reduce the incidence of fatherless children in the society are discussed below.

Temporary Hearing

Also referred to as pendente lite, this period has been regarded by many family lawyers as the most important period you will have to spend in court if you happen to be entangled in custody case. The popular misconception is that it is temporary. This is however far from the truth as the result of the hearing can sometime linger on forever depending on what it is. It is therefore important that you go into such hearings prepared by getting an attorney that is competent and ready to help you get the custody of your child.

Stay with your child

Many fathers often make the mistake of leaving the child or children to their mother until the case is resolved and in most cases will leave the house in a bid to allow peace reign. This is however a trap that should not be fallen for. It is important for you to try all possible means to ensure you stay with your children and show them the fatherly love and care they deserve.

Consult your attorney

Your attorney is your go-to person when any document is to be signed. It is important that you do not get personal with your soon to be ex and instead, address all issues with a business mindset. Ensure to consult your attorney before putting pen to paper.

Stay Healthy

Stress, depression, and anxiety are some of the mental conditions that seem to creep in cases like this. You therefore want to be sure that you are in good physical and mental state not only for yourself, but also for the sake of your children.