Erasing Marriage With Annulment

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Erasing Marriage With Annulment

Sharing your life with a person in marriage is a major decision for a lifetime.

The wedding dress, tuxedo, five tier buttercream cake, bouquet and flower girls create a beautiful, elegant celebration filled with music and laughter.

A month later, the two are separated and looking for a way out through a civil annulment. An annulment treats a marriage as if it never existed. When a court divorces a legal annulment the ruling determines the marriage was never valid and never existed. Whether a divorce or an annulment, the circumstances surrounding each method provide different standards and time frames.

When Rachel learned that Jack was still married her choice to seek annulment was validated by law. The bride or groom determined a “void marriage” based on bigamy, incest, and a spouse who is underage. Proving a legal annulment can be more expensive and complicated whereas a divorce in several states are no-fault proceedings.

Their marriage must be determined voidable based on specific criteria that includes an unsound mind, forceful marriage, fraud, inability to consummate a marriage or a physical impairment including sexual impotence that is not revealed before the marriage. If children are born during the marriage their legitimate position is secure. Our law firm will assist with annulments that are official and expedited to ensure our clients are provide the best legal counsel and representation.

Within the Catholic Church will be fast-tracked and automatic appeals will be denied to speed up the process. Previously, a couple had to make the request for a three-person judge. In past instances, Catholics took years to obtain an annulment. Under this law, marriages can be annulled because the couple didn't intend to marriage or a husband or wife didn't want children. Another reason for annulment is a lack of faith. To learn more about expedited annulments read the Chicago Tribune article Pope speeds up, simplifies process for marriage annulments.

Catholic doctrine determines that marriage is forever. However, through an annulment, the Catholic church determines that a couple's marriage has problems or defects that warrants an annulment. To learn more about what annulments, mean for divorced Catholics read the Huffington Post article New Annulment Process HYPERLINK “”ToHYPERLINK “” Be Good News For Divorced Catholics.

Marriage is a union that is purposed for a lifetime by the bride and groom. However, under certain circumstances the choice of annulment is a valid reason to move in separate directions.