When Children Face Family Child Abuse

Posted by Thomas MallonMay 08, 20160 Comments

When Children Face Family Child Abuse

Stories of fathers and boyfriends dumping crying babies into their cribs or throwing children down a stairwell are signs of an abusive environment.

Some do not live to tell the story, while others are emotionally and physically traumatized for a lifetime. Single mothers despondent over her family's financial condition may spend hours sobbing over an inability to pay bills. Facing eviction, the mother may take out her frustration on the innocent children she is rearing alone.

The pain of child abuse is observed nearly daily in news reports throughout the United States. Child abuse and neglect is becoming a constant killer and emotional traumatizer for innocent children in need of love and care.

Child abuse nationwide is reported every 10 seconds, according to experts who report that 1,600 children die each year from neglect or abuse. The long-term physical, psychological and emotional trauma make take years to properly heal if total healing results at all. The scars of child abuse have been overcome by countless celebrities including Patty Duke, an Oscar-winning actress who talked about the abuse she endured as a child star.

Our law firm will ensure that your child or children are fully represented against any abuse, including abuse from a parent or family member. Thousands of abuse cases each year involve children and their care within hostile family environments where latch key children are exposed to impatient boyfriends who cannot handle the sound of a crying baby. In other cases, children become a tool of retaliation when a mother or father wants to destroy the other parent by destroying their children.

There are different forms of child abuse including physical, emotional and sexual. Children within this environment may experience behavioral problems in school and a decrease in academic performance. To learn more about child abuse read the U.S. News and World Report article Know the Signs of Child Abuse.

Another form of abuse is titled medical child abuse, which involves what doctors believe is excessive and sometimes unnecessary treatment of children within a home environment, particularly children with serious medical conditions. Several states include medical child abuse in the same category as emotional or physical child abuse. To learn more about medical child abuse read The New York Times article The New Child Abuse Panic.

Child abuse has occurred through the decades. But, laws have prevented these cruel actions from being afflicted on babies, toddlers, boys and girls. Breaking these laws, including child labor laws, brings serious repercussions including life in prison or even death.