When Men Are Physically And Emotionally Abused

Posted by Thomas MallonMay 13, 20160 Comments

When Men Are Physically And Emotionally Abused

The signs of abuse inflicted on men are subtle, yet they're there. With Willie, it started with a slight shove, push or punch. Being taught by his parents to never hit a woman, he literally rolled with the punches rationalizing that Karla was just playing.

Then came the demanding questions about his income and how Willie spend his paycheck. The next thing Willie experienced was a constant discouragement from visiting his family. After all, Karla said he wouldn't have time for them when they were married. Only she mattered in his life.

Days turned to weeks. And weeks into years before Willie, now a battered, emotionally drained husband, who has no peace of mind or enjoyment of life, seeks counseling. He doesn't want to arrest his wife of 15 years. Instead, he'd like an injunction against her to ensure his safety.

Our law firm can help you find the right solution to a domestic violence offense you are facing, whether long-term, short-term, immediate or life threatening. We are focused on your safety and well-being through restraining orders, stalking arrests and other effective methods to stop domestic violence against you and your children.

Signs of domestic violence against men involves acts of anger when the spouse or girlfriend is using drugs or alcohol. Other actions include preventing the man from going to work or seeing his family members. Still another offense is to hit the man's children or pet, things that he loves and cherishes, in order to hurt him. For more information on domestic violence against men read the Mayo Clinic article Domestic Violence Against Men: Know the Signs.

In today's world, domestic violence is automatically associated with women. When in fact, some have worn body cameras to prove the pain that ins inflicted upon them in front of children. Keeping a log of domestic and behavioral activities is a key to successfully pressing charges against the abuser.

Shelters are now providing services for male domestic violence victims and their children including food, housing, clothing and legal assistance. For men, walking away from an abusive relationship requires surrendering pride and accepting assistance during a very difficult time in life. To learn more read the Huffington Post article It's Time To Acknowledge Male Victims of Domestic Violence.

Domestic violence has become a common denominator associated with violent crimes, sexual abuse, robberies and theft. Curtailing domestic violence by stopping the abuser is the first step to developing better safety measures in family households, which expands to lower domestic community crime rates. Domestic violence is a silent killer that must be stopped.